Transforming my diet slowly

BevSince my epiphany, I am so happy with the changes I have made to my diet. The catapult was giving up the one thing I was truly hooked on, but knew was not doing good to my system , and that was my favorite weekend snack, “cheese”! I loved having my Friday night snack of provolone cheese with triscuit crackers on a Friday night (and let’s not forget Bacardi and Diet Coke). I thought it was a well deserved reward after a long work week. I didn’t realize the havoc this caused internally. If you read my story, you’ll get why. But fast forwarding a bit, once I gave up the cheese, the results were amazing. In less than two weeks, my digestion improved, I started feeling better and lost the bloating and ever present upset stomach feeling and heart burn and I lost weight! I was feeling amazing- just from giving up 1 thing!

Fast forward again, I was on a major roll; not only did I give up cheese, I gave up the triscuits, soda and hard liquor as well. I slowly eliminated all processed foods from my diet, like cookies, cakes, candy, and replaced them with healthful whole food choices, like vegetables and fruits! And I used to hate onions, mushrooms and broccoli and now I can’t do without them in almost every meal! It certainly has been a work in process over the years, but I have learned about my body and system, what works for me and the changes I am going through as I get older. It has not been easy and I still struggle with foods that don’t agree with me-even the supposedly healthy ones, like whole wheat products. And giving up gluten is certainly a challenge since it is naturally occurring and also found in so many good products. Fortunately, for me, once I cut out all wheat products from my diet, that seemed to do the trick.

Something was still not right, though. Since I gave up gluten, I had to find a gluten-free alternative for bread because I still love to have bread with almond butter with my coffee in the morning. So I thought I was happy with my choice. But I didn’t realize all the other ingredients in these alternative foods that didn’t agree with me. So I traded my sinus problems (gluten exacerbated my chronic sinus problems) for stomach problems again. Well about 1 month ago, I ran out of my favorite gluten-free bread. I haven’t been able to get to the health food store to pick it up and so I have just been doing without it. I suddenly realized that my stomach issues are subsiding again. Well, it looks like I just gave up another ingredient in my diet by accident. I think that if I ever eat bread again, it will be home made from scratch. And I certainly don’t have any time for that-so it looks like bread is off the table for me!

Finally, as I learn more about how our bodies process the low or zero calorie artificial and even naturally derived sweeteners, I am transitioning these out of my diet as well. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on what research has to say about the toxic effects of sugar and the role it plays in the obesity epidemic of our society today. I wish I would have learned all these things years earlier. But it’s never too late to make healthful life changes starting with today. Every healthful change will reap healthful rewards.

Thank you for reading my blog.