The last ephiphany….

And for my first post, I will tell you what made me decide to share my story.

Around mid September of 2011, I was in a terrible slump, physically and emotionally. An old injury was really getting me down because I felt it was hindering my progress with my exercise routine. I was putting on weight and couldn’t seem to get myself motivated. I was feeling sluggish and over trained and just downright miserable!

Well, it was around this time that I came across a Personal Trainer at the gym. He was offering a complimentary “6 pack Abs class” and I decided to sign up. I figured I had nothing to lose (at least not literally, anyway).

Taking that class gave me a proverbial slap in the face! I absorbed everything like a sponge, especially the part about how the diet playing a major role in ab strength and overall good health. I learned how important it is to balance exercise and good nutrition, because the two go hand in hand.

The next day the students received their first Nutrition text tip from the instructor. It said something to the effect that we should not forget our breakfast because this is the most important meal of the day; and how it will rev up our metabolism. Then at the end of the text, after suggesting specific foods to eat for breakfast, it said, in capital letters: NO CHEESE! What?!?!? No cheese? How the blank did he know I was a cheesaholic? Did my belly fat give it away?

Well, that was the very day I gave up my beloved cheese. And this was only the beginning. It was around the same time I picked up this ibook entitled “Super Immunity”, by Joel Fuhrman, M.D. This book is absolutely amazing. It made me rethink everything I put into my mouth. I not only eliminated toxic habits that were doing an injustice to my digestive system, I have cleansed myself and turned back the clock by eating foods from the mother earth. Little by little I stopped eating things that were killing my system and simultaneously added in things that boost my metabolism and cleansed my sluggish digestive tract. I have not felt this good in I don’t know how many years and I am so happy to share this news with my readers.

But that’s not all this story is about. It is about a revelation; a personal realization that I had to come to in order to feel positive about reaching my fitness goals. It’s a story about learning to love myself and accepting myself for who I am. And from there, pushing myself to work hard.

In September 2011 I had gone back up to 127 lbs. After I gave up cheese, and made other dietary changes, as you will see from my other posts, I went down to 113 lbs. I couldn’t maintain that, but I seem to balance out between 115 and 118 lbs. I attribute this to changing what I eat, when I eat and how much. The one big thing I learned is how to exercise “self control”. But first I had to figure out what motivated me to lose that control in the first place. This story will be told in many more posts. Thank you for following.