Jennifer’s Story-How a love for running began

Here is Jennifer’s Story of how her love for running began:

“In October of 2011 my mom’s company was having a 5K race. I had never met the people she works with so my 4 year old daughter and I decided to join her and walk the 5K. The course is full of inclines but it didn’t matter since we were just walking it. As we came to the last mile I thought to myself, hmmmm, I don’t want to come in last in this race and have my time on the internet as the worst time of the race, so I decided to run the last mile. I had never run in my life, but thought, how hard could it be? Well, it was harder than I thought, but I did it and my time was 48:33. When I was done I felt a high that I never felt before. So began my love for running.

I went to a fancy running store in Princeton, NJ where I was fitted for a pair of $120.00 shoes and off I went. I started with short distances, a mile, two miles…a friend of mine said he was going to run 6 miles and I thought…I will never get to 6 miles. The more I ran the better I felt and then something amazing happened, I got on the scale and had lost 12 pounds. OMG, how cool, I felt great and was losing weight while still eating all of the foods I love.

Over the summer of 2012 I kept running and building up my miles. I got up to 4. September of 2012 my mom’s company had the 5K race again, this was my first official race where I was going to compete. I finished in 30:38 and was thrilled. The next race was a 5K supporting Pancreatic Cancer; my best friend’s mom had died due to pancreatic cancer in May of 2012. A group of us went to Philadelphia the night before the race, went out to a nice dinner, and ran together on a very cold morning. I finished with a time of 28:24!!! Then came Thanksgiving morning and I went for run along the Delaware river, guess how many miles I ran…6…and I never thought I could do it. My most recent race was the Hershey 10K in April 2013. I finished with a time of 1:04:08 and got a finishers medal.

I have had to deal with some injuries along the way. I had a bad case of plantar fasciitis in the fall of 2012 but was able to cure it with PT. My calves are tender most of the time, but rest seems to help. My next race is this Sunday, a 5K in Yardley, PA and drum roll please…I signed up for a Half Marathon in Philadelphia in September.”

Thank you, Jennifer for sharing your incredible story with FP50. Your hard work and diligence will serve to inspire all of us. You show that movement makes magic!

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Happy Fitness everyone. Lets do something active today and every day!

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