My Story-The Second Half-Let the journey begin

As I approach 50, reflecting on my past and comparing to today, I could solemnly dwell on the wasted time and wish I had only knew then what I know now. I could say, “Darn it! I’m going to be 50 years old! If only I started this fitness mission when I was much younger! I have wasted so much time!” Yes, I could say that, but I won’t. Because I realize that this route was necessary and taking any other would have been the “path of least resistance”.
And today I have a different perspective as a fitness professional. I will be teaching from different paradigm; the one with an empathetic view. Being new to the industry, I am so excited to embark on this wonderful journey of learning, teaching and advancing to higher levels of fitness for myself as we’ll. I humbly accept the fact that I have so much more to learn; which is why I am now pursuing a degree in Exercise Science. I want to become an expert in the field; not only for the learning experience itself, but for the value-added lessons that I will pass on to my clients and to my blog readers; and anyone else that cares to listen to my message.

As I get started I ask myself what valuable advice I can bring to my clients now, even being the novice that I am. And I would say two things:
1) Start getting physically active today…now….as soon as possible! It is a dire emergency in fact to do so because we have fast become a very sedentary society, with chronic, avoidable illnesses to show for it.
2) Develop a relationship with your heart. Your heart rate has a story to tell about your current level of fitness. And familiarizing yourself with your heart rate numbers at certain times of activity will help you to understand and even improve your fitness health. It may even inspire you to get active. So invest in a heart rate monitor as soon as possible. You will be glad you did.

I will elaborate further on those two points in future posts. Meanwhile, as I continue to become acclimated to this new and wonderful world of fitness, whatever I learn, I will pass on to you, via health and fitness tips and posts. I will also make available a newsletter to those that are interested in subscribing.

Meanwhile, Fitness Pushing 50 will always keep things personal, because, after all, this is a blog about my personal struggles with maintaining my fitness health over the years. And I do hope my story serves to motivate and inspire all of you. Because this is my mission.

“Happy Fitness, everyone! And please do something active today!

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