Radio Interview and some thoughts on that….

Hi everyone!  Happy Fitness to you all!  So, the other day I was briefly interviewed to talk about my fitness business and why I’m so passionate about it.  You can take a listen here, if you like or go straight to the All Business Media FM Station linking to it. . Feel free to Like and Share!

But it was such a rushed interview, that I felt it didn’t do justice to the story of how and why I got into this business. Wanting to have a successful and lucrative business and my own fitness studio, is very much secondary to the personal and profound circumstances leading me there. And so, I decided to add another chapter to the ‘My Story’ section of this blog explaining all of this, and to further clarify how I am working towards a mission of movement. And how this mission influences every decision I make with respect to keeping my fitness business going.

Thank you, and I hope you can keep checking in to my blog for new posts.

Happy Fitness everyone and please do something physically active today!