Aspertame, you’re back so soon?

I was so upset to learn that the Pepsi Company is going to put back aspartame sweetener into its diet soda products, despite its known links to cancer. They say that this in response to customers complaining of taste not being good since they removed it, which has resulted in declining sales. Oh,poor, poor,Pepsico!  I feel so badly for you.   What the heck, you might as well put it back, it’s not like our health improved in its absence, anyway.  In fact, we still had tons of carcinogens to choose from with the existing formula, such as those toxins found within soda caramel coloring.  

While I appreciate our right to choose what we put into our bodies, don’t we realize by now that soda in general is plain poison? These big companies just feed into to our addiction for the sake of making money.  It’s all about money; that’s the bottom line. And do you think our government cares about us as a society and the urgent situation we have with the rising obesity epidemic and diseases such as diabetes?  One would think so, especially with the proposed tax on sugary drinks to raise money for health coverage and prevention programs. Sure, I believe that this is where the money will go.  Mmmmhmmm.  Yeah.

Listen, if the government really cared about us, they would ban soda completely. This is my personal opinion and I realize we all have different feelings about this and anyway, I digress.  The bottom line is that we have little power to stop big corporations and government from poisoning our systems. Carcinogens are everywhere, whether in the atmosphere or our food.  We are unwittingly exposed in some form or fashion with every breath that we take.  But does that mean we should succumb to its reaches by literally taking them in voluntarily?  Why do we want to do this to ourselves, with the one and only body that we have to live with?  

Let’s take ownership of our own health and stop self-poisoning. Let’s ban soda completely from our lives. I know we can’t stop big corporations from producing this, but we certainly have a choice not to drink it.