My FP50 Online Personal Trainer

Hey everybody! When you get a chance, be sure to check out my new website called MYFP50 Trainer.  It’s a work in progress but it’s going to be your one stop shopping for connecting with me for one on one personal training and online customized fitness programs.  For right now you can start by booking your sessions and paying.  You can also download health history forms and trainer agreement form from the website.  There is a timetable for classes. But the most exciting thing is going to be the customized fitness programs that will be available to paid subscribers.  Don’t worry, the cost will be affordable. I want to afford access to fitness for everyone!  This is going to be awesome.  Subscribe to the website today so I can keep you updated.  Go to MYFP50 today!

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Fats Get Bad Rap

So I’m studying for this monster of a test folks, reading about fats and what they do for us. I realized that fats really get a bad rap, don’t you think?. I thought I’d share some things I learned about fats.nbsp; Some of it you may like; some, not so much.

Fats are essential to the body for important bodily functions, such as the ability to absorb fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E K, which are very important for cell growth and development. Fats also provide structure to our cells and protect our bodily organs AND provide insulation AND endurance energy. Ok, now that you have the lowdown on fat next time you’re thinking of going on that low fat diet, consider the aforementioned and below.

There are good fats and there are bad fats. The bad fats also called saturated and are solid at room temperature, like palm, coconut oils, butter and some dairy products. There are also the dreaded TRANS-fats, which start out good (unsaturated fat) but then through a process called hydrogenation wherein the oils are heated up intensely and hydrogen atoms literally change the oil and remove any and all good properties. What remains is an altered-state of the oils to make them solid at room temperature. If you look on a food label and you see the words “hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated”, turn and run as fast as you can.nbsp; Look for unsaturated oils (liquid at room temperature), such as canola oil or olive oil and vegetable oils. But be careful please. Remember that you  can change the properties of unsaturated fats to transfatty oils just by heating up. That means they lose health benefits and you are left with artery clogging gunk. 

I hope I cleared up the myth about all fats being bad. As for me, I have steered clear of the crackers, chips, pretzels, microwave popcorn, doughnuts, cookies, etc.nbsp; and processed foods aisles in the supermarket since 2011 when I had my epiphany and decided to take ownership of my health.nbsp; The one thing I did not know until todaynbsp; is that I can take perfectly good unsaturated vegetable oil (which has the essential lino oleic oil that we need) and turn it into a trans fatty acid right in the comfort of home. Now isn’t that special?nbsp; That was shocking news to me and now I will rethink my cooking methods.nbsp; I also have to find out if this hydrogenation process also occurs with different kinds of oils besides vegetable oil.nbsp; I will keep you posted on my results. Stay tuned as I study more.

Happy Fitness, everyone!

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Hey everyone.  Saturdays INSANITY are now at:

Caribbean Soul Dance Studios for the month of June from 12:15 p.m. to 1:15 p.m.  I will advise the schedule for July soon.

Caribbean Soul Dance Studios

682 Summit Avenue

Jersey City, NJ  07306

Also grab your GROUPON for class before it runs out!


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Aging and Muscle Loss (Sarcopenia)

I kind of already knew that as we age, we lose muscle. But folks, I didn’t realize that we start to lose muscle mass (Sarcopenia is what it is called) as early as 25 years old! Yep it’s true. I read it in my Exercise Physiology textbook. Actually the muscle mass loss happens pretty slowly between the age of 25 and 50, declining about 10%. But once the big 50 happens (gulp, I just turned 50!) we start to see a rapid decline. In fact between 50-80 years old we can see an additional loss of 40%. What can we do about this problem? You know the answer I am going to give, and that is: “Resistance Training”. It’s the only known way to keep “age-related muscle loss” at bay. Think about this folks. The faster we get to exercising on a regular basis, the longer we can stay fit and healthy and build and maintain muscle mass. Let’s get to working out and include resistance training in our fitness programs. Let’s do this together!

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Core Work

Hey folks, and speaking of the core, here are some core movements you can try at home, starting with a warm up as you see in my video.  Sorry for the music.  I’m starting to get acclimated to Youtube.  I will improve!  But just focus on the visual.  There are 6 movements for the warmup, and 6 Core base exercises.

Happy Fitness everyone!


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Finally I’m ready for Youtube

It’s ridiculous because my Youtube channel has been up since 2012 but I never got around to posting videos. But finally you will see my workouts on there. I will be chronologuing my fitness goals, starting with an upcoming Insanity teaching workshop. Here is the link to my hello on Youtube. Feel free to subscribe to my channel!

Thanks everybody!

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Let’s get to the Core of the matter!

Hello there! Happy Fitness everyone!

I wonder if we realize just how much we use our core and all of our major muscle groups for just about everything we do in our daily activities. Do we think about the muscles we are using when we perform the fundamental movement patterns? We should though. So I thought I would let everyone know what those basic movement patterns are.
1) Bend and Lift (bending to take a baby out of a carriage)
2) Single leg (walking; lunging)
3) Pushing (a door open)
4) Pulling (a door open)
5) Rotational (reaching over side to grab something)
I’m sure you have plenty of other examples of daily activities that incorporate any one or a combination of these 5 movements. And at the heart of all of this is our core. Our core keeps us stable; our core keeps us strong. Our core helps us to be mobile an do all the things we need to do in life. Everyone should do some type of core training, and I’m not talking about doing hundreds of boring sit-ups either. Core training involves the stomach muscles, yes–we all know about the 6-pack. In fact, we all already have one-it’s just hidden beneath a later of fat that becomes more visible as we lose body fat. But core training involves others muscles too, like the back, sides and even internal muscles hidden beneath the ones we are already familiar with. In fact we should also be concerned with strengthening our upper body, arms and legs. Because the core supports the body and the body supports the core.
I like to do this exercise when I am walking or even standing. I like to connect my mind to my core. And I try to do this as much as possible. When I walk, I think about standing tall with my shoulders back and down and I engage my core as often as I can think about it. In fact, as I am typing this post in my iPhone, I am on a moving train, standing with legs hip width apart and I am balancing myself with my core. I have learned over time to strengthen my core so I don’t have to hold on. (Most times, that is. Sometimes there is a lunatic driving the train and we get thrown from side to side).

Listen folks, I’m not suggesting that you do what I do. I am suggesting that you become aware of your core, just as I advise people to know their heart rates. Your core is the essence of your body. It keeps you strong, balanced and grounded, if you take care of it to allow it to so.
Let’s do something actively engaging the core today!

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