About FP50

Hello and welcome to my blog, Fitness Pushing 50! My name is Beverly and I started this blog when I was just about turning 50.  I was feeling fine then and I am feeling even better now, since I surpassed 50, turned 51, and pretty soon the big 52 is coming up!

This blog is about my fitness achievements and woes; my nutritional battles and foes! My mission is to be an example and inspire women in my age group; and to show that it doesn’t have to be over just because we are in our 40s or 50s or beyond. Heck, it’s not over until we want it to be. Being fit starts in the mind. If we want it, we will get it. For myself, I made a conscious decision not to follow the path of self destruction through poor eating habits and unhealthy living.  I made a decision not to follow the calling of my genetic health history. I aim to show that we all do not have to succumb to the throes of age related illnesses; especially if controllable by living a healthy lifestyle.

And so I am here to share my story with you. This was in works for many months and I am so happy and excited to blog about my journey today!  The story is about hard work and will power. It’s also about my struggle against genetics.  Stay tuned for posts and tweets and all that fun stuff.  I hope this blog helps people to reach their own fitness goals. Because in fact the mission of Fitness Pushing 50 is to inspire and motivate!

Thank you for reading my blog! Proskins US

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